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So i had a good long post about the murder of the doctor by the anti-abortionchoice terrorist, but i decided that was just too draining to go into at length.

Work: I am cautiously optimistic. I was productive today, got a lot done, and had a pretty decent discussion with our department's deputy commissioner about how to proceed forward as far as problems identified and what the plan is from here. Basically, the idea is for me to pick up all my old duties with a new supervisor once bargaining is over. I'm not certain it will work perfectly, but i'm certainly going to do all i can do see that it gets as close as possible.

Which of course leads to...

(the seemingly-unending)Bargaining: I suppose bargaining as i know it, or as it's gone thus far, is done. Wednesday is day one with the mediator. In a perfect world, this means we've got an objective voice to bring the disparate sides together. In practice, however? I for one am pissed about how state workers have been treated, and see no reason whatsoever to cave on anything else....and i don't think i'm the only one in that mindset. We'll have to see, i guess.

I got an email today about the possibility of another rally next week on a couple key issues...I'm excited about the idea, so i guess we'll have to see. I think a lot of people see the whole process as something between crippled and hopeless right now, so one big display of solidarity, a strong statement of what we're fighting for and why, could potentially do a lot.

Anyway, yes. Time marches on, i suppose.

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