Scott (sullen) wrote,

So..i'm in a bargaining team meeting today. First of two days. not only do i learn more and more about our contract and the administration of it, but i also get more used to the compressed little netbook keyboard.

I do realize i've not posted for a while...Plenty i could say, i suppose.

Work plugs along...I'm seeking new jobs within our department. I put in an app yesterday afternoon for a spot taking calls in unemployment, even if it is a small demotion in pay range/rate. We'll see, i suppose.

I was supposed to go in for more blood work friday, but ended up having to skip out on it in order to make a board meeting. I'm sure, however, that my blood count is low and the iron level is still deficient. I know i need to get it done so i can hear exactly how bad, but the last time i did so they admitted me for 3 days and a total of 4 transfusions. Rational or not, i just have a fear that if they see how i'm doing now, they'll just send me back in. Just not a convenient week for me.

I know, i know...i've been slacking as far as posting. This is hardly redeeming me.

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