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This is both good and bad...i've got only 3 days of work this week, but it's monday thursday friday. HATE when it's broken up like that. i'm much happier when bargaining's thursday & friday.'s less work, at least.

Got the new tv yesterday...42", 1080p, lcd. Loving it so far, but we apparently need to go to time warner and get a cable box with a HDMI output. So complicated.

Anyway. Ended up watching the superbowl. I generally couldn't care less about sports and only 1/2 paid attention, but there was a couple really good plays. It was cool to compare the regular NBC feed to the HD signal, also. So that was exciting. In a way.

Jen leaves for DC tuesday morning, til sunday. sounds like her conference ought to be interesting.

I'm tired, i think. i feel like a snack but nothing appeals to me.

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