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So..I registered Sage today.
Did i mention i named the jeep Sage?

Anyway, yeah. I was able to do a transfer and get a partial credit from the registration on the old car. Rather than paying $190 today for a year, i paid 65 and they'll expire in July. Seemed decent.

Then, as an added bonus, just short of two hours waiting in motor vehicles. On the bright side, however..blew the extra $25 and got vanity plates. The state has a thing where you can check plate availability, which i had previous used & confirmed it was taken, but the lady that helped me mentioned that it's not in real time...Apparently the plate you see here hadn't been registered in 6 months and just became available. Believe you me, i left the office one happy foreigner.

In other news, Jen is off to dc for 5 days next week. I'm not used to taking colleen to school, so it'll be fun. i've got bargaining 2 of 5 days next week, so it should be a pretty low-intensity week. On another high note, tax return should be in a week from today, with which we shall stimulate the economy and buy a new tv. Finally.

Maybe tomorrow i'll go look at best buy.

I love How it's made...not just for seeing how stuff is, um, made, but more for seeing the machines with such specific purposes. Systems designed solely for forming chain links or torquing propeller blades...Awesome.

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