Scott (sullen) wrote,

Only 2.5 more days of work this week, then it's off to education and networking and parties in Farmington for 3 days. A highlight of the year.

Ooh! Cool and shiny new phone, see? It's taken me a bit to get the config and settings and icons and whatnot right, but i am LOVING this thing. the full qwerty is a nice change, even if the keys are a bit smaller. Plus, i figured the red is different enough to be cool without being too drastically different or loud.

For those of you that read jen's journal as well will surely note that she upgraded at the same time, to a new blackberry as well, but the pearl. Cute little thing. Feminine, i think.

I'm pleased, overall. Moving to AT&T got us newer phones at lower prices(~$130 for both of ours), more features and a lower monthly rate. With the money saved, moved to unlimited texting.

Which reminds me, texting from lj userinfo now works properly having switched carriers, so, uh, fire away.

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